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Whether you are a major corporation, a governmental entity, a financial institution, or an individual requiring a real estate appraisal, auction services, acquisition assistance, or private disposition of property; Warren Klutz and Company can deliver the solution.  Mr. Klutz has been combining the art and science of providing real estate services over a 50 year career.  


As a licensed real estate broker, appraiser, and auctioneer; he is in the unique position to provide exclusive problem solving in real estate matters. Contacts and affiliation made over four decades 

enable Warren Klutz to access information from many sources unavailable to others in the real estate industry.  


Warren Klutz has extensive experience in appraising commercial, industrial, multi-family, office, retail, right of ways, and special use properties.  As an MAI, SRA, and AI-GRS designated member of the Appraisal Institute, he provides the highest quality in appraisal services and has served as the expert real estate appraisal witness in many of the biggest real estate court cases in Tennessee and Virginia.  He was the appraiser in cases such as when UNISYS was sued for $450 million, the $70 million lawsuit involving Bristol Motor Speedway, and Wise County, Virginia's case against EQT Corp. dealing with $630 million in valuations. 


The Appraisal Institute is the world's largest publisher of appraisal textbooks, journals, and other educational material relating to real estate appraisal with international publications translated into seven languages.  Mr. Klutz was a contributing author for Applications in Litigation Valuation: A Pragmatist's Guide published in June 2012. In 2017, Klutz was a contributing writer and editor for the Appraisal Institute’s most recent text, Rural Property Valuation.  More recently, Mr. Klutz's articles "Chronicles of an Appraiser" was published in the Winter 2020 publication of The Appraisal Journal and "Reducing Real Estate Portfolio Risk" was published in the Fall 2020 publication of The Appraisal Journal.  In addition, Mr. Klutz serves on The Appraisal Journal Review Panel. 


When the solution to a client’s problem dictates, Warren Klutz can provide the auction of your real estate assets.  Auctions have been performed for over 45 years the business has been in existence.  Warren Klutz is licensed as an auctioneer in Tennessee and Virginia. Auctions can be a good method to sell properties where the value is difficult to ascertain, subdividing is necessary to obtain top prices, or sellers desire to avoid a prolonged marketing period.


As a licensed real estate broker, a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM), and a certified general real estate appraiser; Warren Klutz is in the unique position to provide insight in marketing your property.  Mr. Klutz is licensed as a real estate broker in Tennessee and Virginia and was awarded Realtor Emeritus status by the National Association of Realtors in recognition of valuable and lasting contribution to the real estate profession.

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