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Warren Klutz and Co. was established two years after Warren was licensed as a real estate salesman and the company has been combining art and science in providing real estate appraisal, brokerage, auction, expert witness, and consulting services since 1975.  Originally organized as a real estate brokerage firm, other services now provided include auctions, appraisals, and expert witness testimony.  


Extensive experience has been acquired in appraising commercial, industrial, multi-family, office, retail, right of ways, and special use properties over a 50 year career. Licensed as an appraiser in Tennessee and Virginia, appraisal services have been delivered over a wide geographic area.  As an MAI, AI-GRS, and SRA designated member of the Appraisal Institute, Mr. Klutz provides the highest quality in appraisal services.  

Litigation appraisals have included cases such as UNISYS who faced potential damages of $450 million due to contamination; Bristol Motor Speedway when confronting a $70 million lawsuit related to a real estate  transaction dispute; and Wise  County, Virginia who encountered a lawsuit involving real  estate assets valued at over $630 million. 

In May of 2012, Judge Charles Smith, Jr. ruled in EQT's lawsuit against Wise County,  Virginia that the two parties in the dispute should use Warren Klutz’s methodology for valuing the gas  wells to assess them for advalorem taxes purposes. The legal ruling in this case set the methodology for appraisals of  gas wells and other gas gathering assets adopted and now used in Virginia.

As an instructor for the Appraisal Institute, Mr. Klutz keeps current on the most recent changes in the real estate appraisal field.  If you teach it, you have to  know it.  Presentation skills have been refined through four college degree programs, as an Appraisal Institute instructor, and serving as an expert witness in over 125 court cases.

The Appraisal Institute is the world’s largest publisher of Appraisal textbooks, journals, and other educational materials relating to real estate appraisal with international publications translated into seven languages.  Warren Klutz is a contributing author for Applications in Litigation Valuation: A Pragmatist’s Guide published in June 2012.   


In 2017, Klutz was a contributing writer and editor for the Appraisal Institute’s most recent text, Rural Property Valuation.  Klutz presently serves as a member of The Appraisal Journal Review Panel.

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